Project Description

  • Client: "Rosenets" TS
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Service Overview

In 2018 the specialists working in Energoimport-Export Ltd. performed a major repair and drying of the active part of transformer № 6.3 MVA 110 / 6.3 kV. The main activities included: Replacement of the existing 110kV and 6.3kV terminals and adapting to the construction of the new TRENCH France - Capacitive Type, Replacement of 10 pcs. cooling, sealing and protection equipment, Replacement of drive motor and diagnostics of power switch operation, Mounting of new control of motor drive, Regeneration of old oil to new indicators, Drying of coil by thermal vacuum technology, Restoration of anticorrosive coating. Electrical measurements and functional samples were performed. All constructive changes were calculated and reflected by designer-constructor. The reinforced concrete gates were restored in the equipment of 110kV.