Project Description

  • Client: Contour Global Maritza East 3 JSC
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Service Overview

In execution of contractual relations with Contour Global Maritza East 3 JSC, Energoimport-Export OOD proved its potential for regeneration of turbine oil. During the processing of the oil, the requirements of BDS ISO 8068 "Petroleum products and lubricants, Petroleum lubricants for turbines (categories ISO-L-TSA and ISO-L-TGA) have been met. Technical requirements". With the implementation of this contract "Energoimport-export" Ltd. proved that the investment made in purchasing an oil regeneration plant type: ZYD 2000 BZ 1400 is fully justified. The ZYD 2000 BZ 1400 mobile plant works equally well in both transformer and turbine oil processing and meets the quality requirements of all applicable standards.