"Energoimport-export" Ltd..

company has highly qualified specialists with rich experience in restoring parameters of oil-paper insulation, repair and reconstruction of power transformers up to 400 kV. All our equipment is mobile and allows all of our services to be made on-site on the territory of the Customer. We have modern and high-performance machines, ancillary tools and modern measuring equipment, through which we perform the following activities qualitatively:

  • Replacement of terminals 0.4; 10; 20; 110; 220 and 400kV and their adaptation to the design.
  • Replacement and repair of coolers, gas relays, level meters, stopping and protective fittings.
  • Replacement and repair of motor drive and power switches. Oscillographic testing of MS.
  • Replace gaskets and remove leaks.
  • Oil processing and filling by degassing machine.
  • Thermal vacuum drying of the transformer winding.
  • Washing and restoring the anticorrosive coating of the transformer.
  • Total electric measurement and commissioning.