"Energoimport-export" Ltd. is a company founded in 1996 in the town of Stara Zagora.. The company has worked for more than 23 years and justified the confidence of its customers in the field of energetics. Through our professional approach and quality performance of our assigned work, we have won the trust of many industrial sites in Bulgaria. We have successfully implemented projects in Maritsa East Complex, "Mini Maritza East" EAD, "Kozloduy NPP" EAD, and all major industrial enterprises in the country. We have participated together with the German company NUKEM Technologies and our Lithuanian partners from Baltic Information Systems, Visaginas, in the construction and equipping of radioactive waste disposal facility and storage pools for used nuclear fuel in Lithuania.
A leading goal for our development is to provide our customers with professional solutions in the field of energetics. We have professionally trained specialists, competent to solve specific tasks in the field of electric machines and electrical equipment repair in industrial enterprises.

We offer and perform the following services:


Complete engineering solutions related to the design, construction, repair and rehabilitation of electrical installations and low, medium and high voltage Switchgears (LV,MV and HV Switchgears)


Installation and repair of electrical equipment, cable lines and cableways, earthing installations, industrial and street lighting, assembling, installation and commissioning of industrial panels, LV and HV systems, circuit breakers and disconnectors. Retrofit. Installation and commissioning of vacuum circuit breakers and disconnectors in switchgear.

Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of bridge, gantry, tower and cantilever cranes.

Repair and reconstruction of up to 400 kV power transformers:

Replacement of terminals 0.4; 10; 20; 110; 220 and 400kV and their adaptation to the construction. Replacement and repair of coolers, gas relays, level meters, shut-off and safety valves.
Replacement and repair of motor drives and power switches. Oscillographic testing of MS. Replacement of seals and leakage elimination. Processing and topping up oil, by degassing machine. Thermal-vacuum drying of the active part of the transformer. Inspection of the condition and determination of residual lifespan and the necessary repair activities.


The Electrical Laboratory Unit of Energoimport-Export has modern equipment for carrying out a wide range of electrical measurements and tests.

Control of:

  • Power transformers of up to 400 kV;
  • Rotating electrical machines
  • Cables for up to 20 kV
  • Up to 400kV measuring transformers (current and voltage)
  • Apparatus (circuit breakers, disconnectors, valve outlets) and insulators for voltage over 1000V
  • Protective equipment of voltage instalation up to and over 1000V
  • Protective earthing devices
  • Impedance of "phase-protected PE/PEN" conductor loop

Regeneration and outgassing of transformer's oil.. Turbine oil regeneration.

Old transformer or turbine oil parameter's regeneration. Agent addition. Degassing, drying and filtration of transformer oil in own tanks.

Service activities

Energomimport-export Ltd. has three mobile service groups, serving electrical equipment in industrial enterprises on the territory of the country. We provide planned and emergency 24/7 support. Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment that is put into operation..

Repair of turbo-generators and electrical motors.

Repair of stators and rotors of turbo-generators and electrical motors: Restoration of winding insulation. Replacement of defective rods. Shimming of the Stator Pack. Dismantling and Assembly of rotors. Replacement of undershroud insulation. Replacement of slip rings. Shimming. Repair of brush gear. Replacement of bearings. Electric, air, hydraulic and temperature tests. Inspection of the condition and determination of residual lifespan and the necessary repair activities.


Supply of aggregates for the needs of TPP and large infrastructure sites. We import specific spare parts for turbogenerators, steam turbines and power transformers.